Poems I have enjoyed reading recently:
Franny Choi: Unrequited Love Song for the Panoptican plus this poem of hers: To the man…
Prose poetry here and here. It is worth exploring the whole website.
Imtiaz Dharker: Cranes lean in

Long prose I have enjoyed reading recently:
The Lottery
The Temporary Job

 Shorter prose I have enjoyed reading recently:
Two pieces by Kathy Fish: A Bear Walks into a Bar and A Room With Many Small Beds
Friday Night

If you are looking for writing prompts try these:
Carrie Etter
Charles Bernstein

Craft articles that I have found useful:
Flash Fiction
Two articles by Matthew Salesses: Craft and Worldbuilding

These are books about writing and craft that I have used a lot over the past year:
Craft in the Real World by Matthew Salesses
Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook edited by Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing by Lance Olsen

General Literature Websites:
Brittle Paper
Electric literature
Lit Hub
Arts and Letters Daily

If you are looking for random word and pictures, emotions try these websites:
Random picture generator. Explore some of the other generators on the site.
Emotion and Moodboard generators. Explore the other generators as well, or create your own.
N+7 After the Oulipo tradition.. find the 7th noun to replace the ones you have used in your writing. Goes up to N+15

Looking for creative writing workshops and classes?
The Western Cape creative writing group is lead by Chantal Stewart and Maire Fisher and details can be found here: Western Cape Creative Writing
Another site to look at is Skillshare