The Humming Bird Technique

I interviewed Joanne Hichens (author of Divine Justice) for my Mslexia blog on South African women writers and here are some snippets that didn’t make it into the blog:

Joanne describes her writing process as the humming bird technique: fetch kids – write – help with homework – write – do the dishes – write – blog – write. She would love to be more structured but it doesn’t work out that way. She finds her best writing time from 8am to 2pm when her children are at school.

She confesses that she has too many ideas and wants to write about a lot of things.

Joanne recently spent some time in Thailand for research on her third Rae valentine novel – a sexy thriller partly set in Thailand!

A big thrill for Joanne is to find that ‘someone I don’t know from a bar of soap has picked up my book and reads it and reviews it favourably or makes great comments on it’.

Joanne now has her own office – in a Persian carpet shop. She loves the smell of books and thinks that maybe she will set a book in a carpet shop…

The rest of the interview can be found here: Mslexia Blog