Sugar Free and Mindfulness

Meditation and the practice of mindfulness have been part of my life for a very long time. So when Karen Thomson and I were planning and writing Sugar Free the practice and concept of mindfulness were important topics that we had to include.

Sugar Free is a book packed with ideas on beating sugar and carb addiction, meal plans, eating recommendations and recipes  so there was only space to include a few pages of mindfulness. In the book we clarify mindfulness as:

‘simply paying attention to the present moment in a conscious way. When you are being mindful you are also being non-judgemental towards yourself and other people.’

We also include some simple mindfulness exercises in the book.

As a meditation and mindfulness practitioner I coach and teach a practice called Leadership Embodiment – it is best summed up by the words of my teacher Wendy Palmer who said:

‘If you change the way you sit and stand, you can change the way you think and speak’

We use the term ‘Leadership’ because everyone in their lives in leader in someway – a leader to yourself, a leader in your community, in your family, in your church as examples, and by cultivating energetic competencies such as Presence, Confidence and Compassion we can become more skilful in all areas our lives.

Along with other Leadership Embodiment teachers and coaches I will be offering the following two opportunities to explore Leadership Embodiment further:

First a Leadership Embodiment fundamentals course (Level 1) where participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Get to know the “signature” stress pattern of how their system reacts under pressure.
  • Understand the “How” to shift from a reactive state to a responsive more skilful state.
  • Practice exercises to increase access to Presence, Confidence and Compassion when dealing with change and challenges.
  • Learn a way to re-engage clarity and compassion when faced with conflict or opposition.

This course takes place on 26 and 27 March. Please visit for more information, costs and how to book. Please note that the venue for this course has changed and it will now be run from a venue in the City Bowl Cape Town.

And secondly, a breakfast workshop on 12 May from 8.00am to 10.30am where we will share the theory and powerful tools and practices of Leadership Embodiment. This workshop is open to everyone including everyone who wants to speak up and lead from a place of greater strength and authenticity. The venue will be Old Mutual House in Bishopscourt. Please email me at kerry (at) kerryhammerton  (dot) com if you would like to know costs and how to book.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who founded the Shambhala Tibetan Buddhist tradition, said this:

‘If we try to solve society’s problems without overcoming the confusion and aggression in our own state of mind, then our efforts will only contribute to the basic problems, instead of solving them.’