Poetry Readings in Lockdown

Over the past fifty-two days I haven’t been writing much…but this week a poetry course I signed up for, before COVID-19 was a lockdown reality, started. I wrote a poem. I delved into an art journal kit I bought and reflected on my creativity. I have been trying to take photographs every day with my cell- phone and this week I took out my real camera to capture some interesting birds I saw from my balcony. I also realised that I have contributed three different readings to three different initiatives:

  1. Impepho Press launched an initiative called ’21 Poets for 21 Days’ which they extended when the lockdown was extended. This is the link to the video they put together of my reading of some of my poems: Imphepo Press ’21 Poets for 21 Days’ reading

Be sure to browse their channel and find other poets to listen to.

  1. Some of my flash fiction was published in the anthology The Looking Glass Anthology: Through the Single Gal’s Lens (Poetree Publications 2019). We weren’t able to have launches around the country so I contributed a reading of one of my pieces to the promotion of the book. Here is the link to the video: The Looking Glass Anthology Reading

Be sure to browse the anthologies Facebook page and find other poems and stories to listen to.

  1. Another anthology I contributed to Living While Feminist (Jen Thorpe editor and published by Kwela Books 2020) created a podcast with readings from various contributors to help launch the book. Listen to it here: Living While Feminist Podcast

Enjoy listening!