Week Seven: Poems I Like

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words why I like a poem. This is one of those poems. Its language is sparse and the rhymes make it a poem easy to read, but the emotions and sentiment of the poem are not inconsequential. It is a poem that had despair and yet in the end the heart does want to keep on beating.

More about Sinead Morrisey and her poetry can be found on the Poetry International website.

Driving Alone on a Snowy Evening by Sinead Morrissey

There is no reason that I know
To go on waking, eating, so
I turn the urgent wipers off
And watch the screen sift up with snow.

They’ll conjure emptiness, despair,
Disease in the wings, a failed career.
Those inward, ticking moments when
The seduction of stopping obliterates fear.

The car purrs on. I do not brake.
The choice of crash I leave to fate.
A tree, a bridge, a railway line.
Behind the brightness dark shapes wait.

The snow and ceiling kiss, then meet.
The view’s as white as a winding sheet.
The heart still beats repeat repeat.
The heart still beats repeat repeat.