Found Poem

Advice given to a young woman leaving home for the first time (in the 1950s) to go to London:

1. Get a secretarial job in a big, successful firm
because that will ‘put you in the path
of the right sort of man.’
2. Never be in the same room as a man
and a bed.
3. Don’t waste your time with any more
studying, it makes women disagreeable.
4. Remember to visit the Queen.
5. Never use the Underground, it is dirty
and full of unsavoury types.
6. Never go into coffee bars,
they are full of germs.
7. Always wear a girdle,
and carry an umbrella.
8. Never go to Soho.

Needless to say,
she disregarded them all.

From The hand that first held mine
by Maggie O’Farrell.